Thursday, July 14, 2011


Owners Description: "I am the girl who has this tattoo & heres wat i have 2 say about it…ok so every1 has their own thoughts on my rpattz tattoo & thats totally fine we are all intitalled 2 our own opinions….people have called me crazy, insane, a stalker & i just laugh at all of it (ahahaha)! i might be crazy & a little insane for getting the tattoo but im no way a stalker.…i’ve never met him & if i eva did i would not scream, freak out, cry or chase him down the street when he’s just tryin 2 go hangout w/some of his friends….i would just say hi & i would tell him that i think he’s very talented & that i cant wait 2 see wat he does in the future….& if i could ask him just 1 question it would be how does he stay so grounded when every1 is freakin out & callin him in every direction?…."
More info: Stephanie has Robert Pattinson's autographed inked on her inner wrist.

Robert Pattinson (Plays Edward Cullen) Autograph

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