Thursday, November 15, 2012


DETAILS: From Instagram "katiekins1993" 
Owners Description: "I'm Team Jacob. Why?Because I know how much it hurts to love someone who doesn't feel the same way about me"

From Pinterest
My twilight tattoo. It is from New Moon... the scene in the kitchen when Jacob and Bella almost kiss. It means "Stay with me forever." :D

Kwop Kilawtley is Quileute and translated means "I Love You"
(Not "Stay with me forever" as previously thought).
Jacob says this to Bella in New Moon (the movie) before she leaves to save Edward in Italy.
Feather is NOT in reference to Edward and Bella's Honeymoon in Breaking Dawn pg 89.


  1. You could at least credit the origin of the tattoo. I spent hours planing and designing it. And the artist spent hours on my wrist.
    The feather has nothing to do with Edward that is for damn sure.
    Place credit or remove the photo of my tattoo.

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