Friday, November 16, 2012


This is Teresa Welbourn, a friend of mine. She has LOTS of Twi Ink.
You can see more about this tattoo HERE. You can see her Leg Tattoo HERE.

This is her newest addition to the autographs she has on her arms.
Right arm are the Cullen's Left are the Wolf Pack.

These new tattoos were from the LA Tent City and Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere.
From Teresa: "Loving my new signature tatts Tinsel Korey (Emily), Booboo Stewart (Seth), Brayden Gimmie (new wolf), Jackson Rathbone (jasper), Ashley Greene (Alice)"
 Jackson Rathbone "Jasper"

 Booboo Stewart "Seth"

 Kristen Stewart "Bella"

Ashley Green "Alice"

 Tinsel Korey "Emily"

Brayden Gimmie "New Wolf in BD pt 2"

Teresa also has Taylor Lautner, Kellen Lutz and Peter Facinelli. 

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