Saturday, January 5, 2013


DETAILS: This tattoo was emailed to the blog from a reader. THANK YOU AMBER!
Owners Description: "The family Crest :) why Because it has so much meaning to it when its broken down according to the one book I own, each symbol stands for: The hand above the lion means a pledge of faith, sincerity and justice. The Lion is of passant design and means dauntless courage. The three clover like symbols under the lion are called Trefoiler or Shamrock (three leaf plant) and it means Perpetuity, Time without and end, or simply put eternity. I liked what it meant and in the book I'm team Edward, and this book helped me get thru my break up with my 1st boyfriend it let escape into a different place and time. It sounds cheesy but Edward saved me from many bad things"
Cullen Crest

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