Tuesday, August 7, 2012


DETAILS: This tattoo was emailed to the blog from a reader. THANK YOU TESSA!
Owners Description: "I have 2 Twilight inspired tattoos w/ 3 more n the works. These stories mean the world to me. People scoff at our tattoos, or as I like to call them, badges. They can have the generic, the predictable. Zodiac signs & chinese letters. I think in 20 years, Twilight is still going to be in my heart."

1 comment:

  1. This is a pic of my 1st Twilight tattoo. It's actualy funny cuz I just emailed it to u & now I c its already here. My name is Tessa & I'm part of an awesome group called the TwiSister Mafia. Diehard Twilighters for life. Glad my ink made the cut. I emailed a New Moon tat & I've got 3 more n the works. Peace, Love, & Twilight yall