Saturday, May 19, 2012


DETAILS: This tattoo was emailed to the blog from a reader. THANK YOU LORNA!
Owners Description: "I wanted to share this photo with you of my Twilight tattoo. It is on my wrist, and means so much to me. Twilight has such a strong meaning to my life, and has helped me through so much that i am forever grateful. Not only that, but it opened me up to a world full of people who share the same love and passion for the franchise that i do, and its great that in the future i can look back at my tattoo and remember all these amazing memories."

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  1. I like it when I turn 18 and is out of the house with my best friend. I want to get a twilight tattoo. So i am looking at very interesting tattoos. Because me and her are werewolves like Jacob and his pack.