Tuesday, September 13, 2011


"Owners Description: Theresa has two Twilight tattoos. One is a quote from Jacob Black; the other is from Edward Cullen. What made you decide to get the tattoos? They were the quotes that stood out the most to me. They have significance in my life because they seem unique, and they really touched my heart, specifically my Jacob one. The concept of imprinting was the thing that stood out the most to me. Its such an interesting theory. Would you get another Twilight tattoo? Of course. I'm a Twihard through and through. I was actually planning on getting two more: "la tua cantante" and "plus que ma propre vie." What have people said about your tattoo? I have gotten a big variety of feedback. Some examples from my Jacob one are "I love your tattoos! They are so awesome. Very creative and beautifully done," and, "That looks so real! It's very romantic." But I've also gotten some very negative responses, such as "Why on earth would you get something as permanent like a tattoo based on a book that you may not even like a few years down the road?" and "Man, in 40 years that's going to look terrible." But I don't take those to heart. I got my tattoos for me and not anyone else. I absolutely love them, and I think out of all the tattoos I will ever get, these will always be my favorite"

These tattoos appear separately on this blog. 
There are no rules that can bind you - HERE
Look after my heart, I've left it with you - HERE

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