Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Owners Description: "Hope and Amanda have matching tattoos. How did you and Amanda decide to get matching tattoos?  We've been friends since the fourth grade. When we graduated from high school, we sort of made a vow to each other that our first tattoos would be matching and done together. We would make potential dates to look around shops for designs and artists, but with classes, work, and family, tattoo bonding sort of ended up at the bottom list. Plus, both of us had a difficult time finding the perfect tattoo design. We both wanted something special and unique.I started reading Twilight my senior year in college on a fluke. I saw the book late one night at the grocery and thought that it looked cool. I started reading through the series and eventually convinced Amanda to give the books a shot. She read through them pretty quickly and became "dazzled" by Edward Cullen and the citizens of Forks. To make a long story short, we were reviewing Eclipse one day at her house and somehow we got on the discussion on the new Cullen crest and how cool it was that they incorporated that symbol of unity and family into the movie. Building from that, we came to the crossroads that  we wanted to share a similar bond. We wanted, in short, to show our love for the Cullens as well as show our bond in friendship. A crest is a telltale sign of family, tradition, and unity. To us, it made perfect sense to get this as our first tattoo. What do you have to say about people who think you’ll regret it down the line? I don't really pay any sort of attention to such opinions. Bottom line is that it's my body and Twilight has become a part of my life. Besides those two things, it is a bond I now share with my best friend. I always joke around with the objectors and basically say it is my form of a friendship bracelet — a really expensive friendship bracelet. This was also not a whirlwind decision: we seriously sat down and talked this over. By the end of our conversation, we knew that this something we would not regret" 

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