Monday, November 28, 2011

BITTEN (Christina Perri's Tattoo)

This is Christina Perri's Tattoo, the Singer and Writer of "A Thousand Years" which is on the BD Pt 1 Sound Track. This is what she has to say about the song and tattoo:
“I got this tattoo in 2009 in Portland, Oregon, where they filmed the first movie,” Christina explained of the tat on her wrist. “The word ‘bitten’ is in the font of the Twilight books, and I got it to solidify my obsession with the book. I thought I was ‘bitten’ with the obsession of the series … and the love story … and I still am.”
“I wrote ‘A Thousand Years’ about Edward and Bella being madly in love with each other for the past 1,000 years and for 1,000 more years and forever and ever and ever. So that quote fits the best!”
Read the rest of the artcile HERE.

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